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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Relentless Search For Marketing

Truly this could be titled Relentless Search For Sales but to me – marketing is more fun.

Next weekend I have a book signing in La Jolla - Melanie's home town. I really am excited about this trip and have been sending out emailers to get attention. I know we have to spend more money on marketing to get the books noticed but the problem is that there are just too many open hands out there wanting my money. I am a skeptic. And I don't have enough cold cash that I'm willing to part with – there are no guarantees in sales, I don't expect them but ... I also don't want to hand over a check for zero return. I'm caught in a cycle - spend money to make money but who do I spend the money with? How much? What direction do I want to go?

Millions of books are out there - what is it that I want? It's a good question.

Do you think you can have it all? Is it possible to be successful in your personal life and also have an amazing, successful career with money and love? See I don't know. I'm a really fair person and I think that I sort of screw myself up - should someone get to have a completely satisfying life?

Let me know what you think,

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